Sunday, 26 April 2015

Brief 12 / Typeface Refresh / Development

When I was on my placement some of the feedback they gave me was to develop this typeface I did for the summer brief at the start of uni. I though this would be a nice brief as the outcome could show how I have progressed from the start till now.

I started by filling in the shapes with colour so I could get an idea of the from and what could be changed.

I like some of the letters but are way too bulky and don't flow well so I will need to strip some of them back and simplify.

The S didn't look right in the original so I have redone it to make it more legible as it looked more like a Q.

I felt some of the letters needed different shapes to make them look part of the set. For example the A had a triangle which is quite a sharp shape so I have changed it to make it look more block shaped.

I felt the H wasn't working so I am in the process of figuring out what works better. Im finding this one quiet difficult.

I decided to place on a new art board the shapes that I felt were starting to look ok. I think its getting the balance right between the black shapes and the lighter ones so they are still legible but don't look to heavy.

Next I experimented with the J. I have used more rounded shapes taken from the letter F. Now I have more of the letters I can start to use the same parts from other letters so they work together.

The next letter was the N to re do. The previous one was really thick and the stems were different from the rest of the letters so I have stripped it back and used the same shapes from the top of the C.

It took a lot of trail and error to get the right shapes to represent each letterform but I think I am happy with them now.

I have created a grid show I can refine the letterforms and make sure everything lines up and is to scale.

Above is the finished typeface and below is the seperations of the shapes. This gave me the idea to use the shapes and cut them out of paper to create a layered effect.

Above is different colour ways and below uses all of the colours. I have chosen them because I think they compliment each other and are contemporary.

I have started to add texture to the coloured shapes to further add depth.

Above is a grunge effect. I quite like this but i think it would be best suited on a large scale as the detail gets lost at a small scale.

Above I had have done so experiments to see how the letters work together and to see if the balance between the dark and coloured shapes make the letterforms legible.


I have mocked up a magazine spread to show the font in context.

I have laser cut the dark shapes out of black card and printed the coloured shapes on white stock. I will be layered them at a higher level then photographing.

I managed to get some nice angled shots of the typeface to show the process in my portfolio.


I happened to come across this competition to design a 96 sheet billboard so I though this would be a good chance to use the font.

I will use the phrase good vibes in the typeface as I felt this would be a good positive message to have on a billboard.

I will create a pattern around the type using the shapes from the bottom layer of the typeface.

I have added some gradients and inner glow to create texture and depth in the image. Below is the final design and I am really happy with the outcome. I will submit this to comp.

I have recently found out that I have won the competition and my design will be showcased in one of the four cities in the UK and I have won £500. Wahoo

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