Monday, 13 October 2014

Brief 1 / T-shirt Design / Resolution

99 problems but a bitch aint oneJayZ

The second verse was based on an actual experience of Jay-Z in the 1990s in New Jersey. Jay-Z wrote that in 1994 he was pulled over by police while carrying cocaine in a secret compartment in his sunroof. Jay-Z refused to let the police search the car and the police called for the drug sniffing dogs. However, the dogs never showed up and the police had to let Jay-Z go. Moments after he drove away, he wrote that he saw a police car with the dogs drive by. Jay-Z's contention that he was pulled over for being black was later confirmed to have been common practice by the New Jersey police. Therefore, the design has been informed by this backstory and intends to represent a k-9 response unit style badge.

Final Design


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