Sunday, 19 October 2014

Brief 2 / Groovecity / Research

Existing site:


The homepage currently has links for a homepage, Meet the band, about, and contact.

When you scroll down there is information regarding gig dates and news with some audio samples.

At the bottom of the page there is a video and information about the band.

My initial thoughts are the links could be improved and made more relevant by possible having a gallery link and maybe a media link for videos and audio.

.Meet the Band Page

.About Page

.Contact Page

Band Website Examples / Analysis 


The layout has a clear structure that uses a 10 column grid system and uses negative space in the background. This makes it easy to digest the information and understand how to use the site. It has links to social media at the top and bottom of the page.

.News page

.Events Page

.Music Page

.I like how there is an option for the user to share the songs on social media, its a good way to promote the band.

.Media Page

I think that having a media page that uses a drop down menu for photos and videos is a good idea and a possible solution. 

This website uses a large image on the homepage, this is another option but it depends on the quality of the photos I have available.

The main focus on the homepage of this site is the gig dates. This would be usefull for the fans but I think it needs a better balance to appeal to both target audiences.

This site only has three links with the rest of the information on the homepage similar to a blog. It has the main body of information in the leftt column and examples and links to further information in the right column. This could be an alternative layout as there will be less information to layout than the examples above.

Logo examples 

I want to experiment with some hand drawn style logos for the name because I think it suits the style of music and represents movement and flows.

The examples above are typographic and use sans-serif fonts. Although these are old albums they have a contemporary feel so I could go this way with the design and keep it minimal.

I could try and create some decorative letterforms using lines and shapes.

Colour Examples 

I think orange would be the obvious choice for a funk band so I think something else would be better to make it a little different. I want something bright and vibrant with a little saturation to give it a retro feel.

Some of these old album artworks use some interesting colour combinations. I like the idea of using two complimentary colours with lots of impact.


This line effect is something I could use for links or headers or even the logo.

I like the detail within the letter forms, it reminds me of audio cables.

I think the colours used in this design work well together and the illustration uses space to make the forms. I like the simplicity.

I was thinking of using tapes for the audio section to give it a retro feel and make it more engaging.

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