Friday, 20 March 2015

Brief 10 / Postcard Series / Development

I will be creating a post card series for the tv series trailer park boys. They will be collectables for fans and will be based on the character Jim Lahey's shitisms which are an iconic part of the show. I want to designs to communicate quotes from he character in a visual style to appear to the vast fan based from all over the world.

I have picked out some quotes and started to sketch some ideas of how i could represent them.

I tired it with just type to start off with but I think it definitely needs some illustration.

The illustration is meant to represent and abyss and reflect the drunk chaos that the character brings to the story.

I have used impact for the headlines as this is what the font the original logo uses and I have used source sans for the shit headlines in italics to create contrast. 

I have added brush strokes the shit quotes to create a hand printed feel as I think it best represents the chaos associated with the show and characters.

Above is the final design for the first two cards. I have put the season and episode that the quote is from so the collectors have a reference.

Above is the third post card design. this is my favourite so far as its so simple but instantly communicates the quote.

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