Friday, 20 March 2015

Brief 10 / Postcard Series / Reseach


Me and Dan are fans of the TV show Trailer Park Boys so we have decided to create a brief based on the phrases from the show referred to as 'Shitisms.' We are going to create a series of typographical postcards that quote some of our favourite dialogues from the character Jim Lahey.

here are a few shitisms to choose from but there loads more good ones I like so we should have a good range to choose and design.

We are going to get the postcards externally printed with Moo so they will need to be 152 x 109 mm. 

Because the designs will be typographical, the colour will need to unify the set and visual engage the viewer. These examples are vibrant and work well together.

We have discussed creating designs inspired by swiss design but applied with our own vision.

The layout of the type will be really important as will the details of the type such as case size, weight, point size. We will need to consider these things when designing to give some contrast to the designs and add some structure to make the composition interesting and not static.

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