Monday, 3 November 2014

Brief 4 / Jacked / Development


I worked with the client last year and they have got in touch and asked me to design some promotional material. I will need design:

-Social Media / Facebook cover, profile pictures

He needs the designs as soon as possible so this will need to be a quick turnaround.

Poster / Flyer Content



Layout Thumbnails

Colour Pallet:


Digital Development 

To begin I have set up the document, I am using a 20mm margin so the content doesn't get lost and a four column grid so I can structure the layout.

I have decided to keep the headliner logo centrally so it draws focus straight away.

I experimented with geometric shapes to divid the page.

I have used the natural line in the Z of the logo to lead the eye to the jacked logo.

I wanted to create an usual perspective with the lines, they also lead the eye to the Z.

I have aligned the copy left so it follows the direction of the design. 

I have used elements from the Z and enlarged them at the top at bottom of the page. I, not sure if this works as it looks a little heavy and cluttered.

I decided to strip back some of the elements and re-arrange the information at the bottom, This gives the overall design more breathing space.

I felt the bottom left hand corner looked too empty so I have adjusted the text and aligned it left. I think this makes it clearer to read and utilities the space better.

These are the four designs I will be showing to the client. I will be suggesting that the far right is the strongest. Once I have received some feedback, and depending on if I need to make any changes, I will be ready to transfer the design to the other outputs.

Final Poster

After speaking to the client he has chosen to use this for the final poster design. Now it will be the case of using the elements from the poster and re-arranging them to best suit the format.



Facebook / Cover Image

Profile Picture

The client has requested a re-worked image to be featured on a web page where the customers can go to buy tickets. It will have to same information as the others just needs re-organising to best suit the format.

Ticket Site Image

Link to website:

Screenshots of Webpage

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