Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Brief 5 / NEST / Development

Today I received an email about a live brief for the college student magazine NEST. The brief is to design a bespoke advert for one of the following:

- Sela Bar – Music and Pizza bar, Leeds - (Link To Website)

- The Hepworth Gallery – New award-winning contemporary art gallery, Wakefield - (Link To Website)

- Laynes Espresso – Popular, independent coffee house, Leeds - (Link To Website)

- Pressision Print – Innovative, bespoke printers, Leeds - (Link To Website)

After looking at options I am going to design for the Pressision Print Advert. They are printing company based in Leeds that describe themselves as:

At Pressision we offer a broad
spectrum of print and specialist
finishing solutions, from
business cards and brochures,
to advertising, point of sale and
direct mail.
We create bespoke on demand
print solutions that are always on
budget. We deliver large format,
binding, foiling or embossing –
all without lengthy delays or extra
costs. And we provide start-to-
finish project management,
proven craftsmanship and
24/7 production.

I have chosen to design for the company because I like the branding they currently have on the website and think it best suits my style of work.

Adverts should be B5 portrait (176x250mm)

The advert should represent the creative business as a whole and not be for a particular event/product. Incorporate whatever text you feel appropriate in the design, if any at all - although the name of the business and contact details [social media, web, contact number and address] have to be included. 

You can submit as many designs as you’d like, for as many businesses as you want, from whatever course you are on. 

All submissions will then be sent to be judged by the businesses themselves. Selected adverts will then feature in NEST Issue #6, printed at the end of this month.

Please send submissions (300dpi pdf) or questions to: 


** Deadline: 25th November 2014 **

As the deadline is on the 25th it means I have one week to complete the brief.

Mandatory Requirements 

Company name:


Social Media:

twitter / @PressisionLtd



Contact Number:

0113 239 3939


Leeds (Head Office)
Units 2/3 Kingsmark Court
Intercity Way, Stanningley,
Leeds LS13 4LY

London Office
88 Wood Street, London,

Initial Ideas

I have sketched a few rough illustration ideas and some layouts to help me visualise how to best display the mandatory information. I will create the designs digitally with illustrator as I think it best suits the branding of the company.

Colour Swatches







I have decided to use the three primary and secondary colours in the design to relate to the colours in the logo and it represents the main services on offer. I am going to use helvetica for the font because it is used on the website so it will be consistent.

Digital Development 

I have created a six column grid for the layout to help keep it consistent and organised to best utilise the space available.

Design 1

I have created a symbol shape to incorporate the three colours. The illustration is abstract but represents the three areas of service.

To reinforce this message I have colour co-ordinated the type.

I am going to use symbols with the contact details just to make it clearer and easy to scan for important information.

To finish the design I have made the icons the same colours as the illustration and aligned the address bottom left with right alignment for hierarchy. I have made the background slightly off white just to take the harshness off.  

Next I experimented with the background by dividing it into three sections that relate to the shape. This will allow me to incorporate the secondary colours into the design.

Out of the four I think the the far right design is the most interesting to look at, Im not sure about the colours of the type as it looses the message I set out to communicate.

Design 2

I have changed the illustration to a triangle as I think it relates better to the three colours. I also like how the point of the triangle leads the eye to the company name. I can't decide what design I like most so I might send both colours versions as there is no limit on submissions.

Design 3

I have created a Penrose triangle for the third design as I think it works well to represent the idea of the three services inter connecting to form the whole business.

I have aligned the type central for this design to work with the illustration. Again, I think both colour variations are relevant so I will send both.

Design 4

This design uses the penrose triangle in a different way. I don't think this design is as strong as the others so I won't submit this one.

Design 5/6

These designs use circles that have been divided into three sections similar to before but the background is plain. The second design incorporates the secondary colours in the illustration and in the icons to link everything together. I like both designs so I will submit both of them as well.

Design 7

Same principle, different illustration with right aligned type to balance out the design with the company name left aligned.


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