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Brief 6 / D.S.M / Development


My Theme:

I have decided to base my project on the Leeds city council. I am going to focus on one area that the council provides. I will be branding the museum and gallery attractions that are on offer in Leeds.

The nine attractions are:

-Abbey House Museum 
-Discovery Centre 
-Kirkstall Abbey
-Leeds Art Gallery
-Leeds City Museum
-Leeds Industrial Museum 
-Lotherton Hall 
-Temple Newsam 
-Thwaite Mills Watermill

I am going to create a poster campaign that promotes the attractions to the public. 


What should it stand for?

The brand will aim to make people aware of historical background and creativity that Leeds has to offer so people can be inspired and enjoy the city and its rich culture. 

Why should it exist?

It should exist because it provides people with local trips that can be for all ages. It aims to show people the culture and creativity that Leeds has to offer.

Why should people care?

People should care because it can be a fun and educational day out for friends, family, locals, tourists...

What makes it different?

Its different because a lot of the attraction are free or extremely affordable to make it accessible to everyone. 

Colour Pallete

Logo Development

Here I experimented with different fonts to use in the logo. I will be using chunkfive ex and corbel and have combined the two to make up the logo.

Here I have tested out some logo variations. I want to keep it simple so it appeals to a wider audience.

This the final logo design that I will use to represent the brand. I have made the two slightly below the base line so it connects the logo with the attractions heading.

Colour Variations:

I will be using a different colour for each attractions so I wanted to try out different colour variations to see what works best. I think having the GO in full colour works better as the other way is too harsh with the heavy black.


These are the colours I will be using to represent each attraction.

I have made a few different grids for the posters. I will choose one to use as it will keep consistency and make a unified set of designs.


This poster will be for the abbey house museum. The illustration will need to reflect some aspect of the place. I want to reflect the Victorian theme that the museum is based on in the design.

I have decided to use the logo in conjunction with the Leeds city council logo to make it clearer that the brand is associated with the council.

I experimented with photography images to create the illustration but felt it looked boring and obvious so I tired creating simple vector illustrations.

I was looking at pictures of the museum and i noticed a old red carrage wheel so I have based the illustration on it.

I think this style works much better and appeals to a contemporary audience. For hierarchy, I have made the body copy the same colour as the logo.

I have decided to use social media icons as well as text because I think its more engaging.

After trying out the grids on the first poster I have refined it. This is the final layout the designs will follow.

This layout has much better movement. I like how it leads the eye to each piece of information.

I have changed the background colour to purple because I think it works better with the red illustration and has good contrast with the logo. Also the blue reminded me of thomas the tank engine with the red.

Final Design


The second poster is for Leeds Art Gallery. I am going to create a golden picture frame for the illustration.

 To create the frame I used circular shapes. I have used the square section of the grid this time. I think the set would look good if there is a variation.

I have used the logo inside the frame to represent the art works in the gallery.

Final Design


The third poster is for Lotherton Hall.I have chose to use the lighter green for the background because I think it relfects the country setting where its located.

I wanted the wall to have some texture so I have added gradients and a filter to create some depth.

The illustration represents the gardens and flowers in the grounds of the estate.

Final Design


This poster is for the Discovery centre. I am going to create an illustration of a butterfly collection as I found an image of one inside the gallery.

The black in the butterflies was quite harsh in comparison with the other posters so it didn't look part of the set.

So I striped down the detail so it wasn't so intense. This works better with the others.

To finish the design, I played about with the colours.

Final Design


This poster is for the City Museum. The tiger is an iconic item in the gallery so I am going to create one for the illustration.

I had to change the headline copy to grey because the white was readable on the background. To finish the illustration I added some subtle gradients to the orange layers.

Final Design


Temple Newsam has royal connections and hosts weddings so I am going to create an illustration of two swans that form a heart shape.z

I felt the swans necks was bit too symmetrical so I had to play around with the positioning.

Final Design


For the Kirkstall Abbey illustration I will be designing the backend of the castle.

I have made this illustration more detailed than the others but I still think it works as a set.

Final Design


For the leeds industrial museum I am going to create an illustration that represents the wool spinning machines. 

I have applied gradients the elements to make them look more 3d to create depth as I want it look like the perspective is moving backwards.

Final Design


Thwart Mills Water mill will use the water wheel for the illustration as its the most rememberable element of the place. 

I added some drop shadows to different sections to create depth to show different sections of the wheel.

Final Design

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