Monday, 3 November 2014

Brief 4 / Jacked / Research

I have been asked to design some promotional material for a house and bass music event in Lincoln who I worked with last year.

I am required to design:

-Social Media

The headlining act will be Dj Zinc so the poster design will need to be based around him.

Dj Zinc used to be associated with drum and bass but now makes and plays a lot of house music. 

DJ Zinc / Nexx

Ive been listening to some of his music to see if I can take some inspiration. This is one of my favourites. The structure of the music consists of long builds and big drops with heavy bass sounds. 

This is the current logo that is used on promotional material so this will need be on the poster.

This logo will also need to be featured as its his record label.

I think this is an older version of his logo. I would like to use a balance of grunge and minimal aesthetics with in the design. 

I came across this poster for a night with Zinc. I like the structure of the design, it looks like uses a five column grid. 

Aesthetics research 

This image uses flat colour to contrast against lines and curves to create contrast. This is something that could be used to create visual hierarchy.

I like how these images use depth by layering sections of material and colour. I could use this technique to represent sound.

The designs above incorporate geometrical forms arranged to enhance the negative space, this draws focus to parts of the images which could be useful to draw attention to the headlining act.

As I mentioned before, I think using a structured layout could be the best way to organise the information.

The examples above use photographic imagery with solid colours to create a collage style design. This could be a technique to explore when experimenting.

Social Media 

The designs will need to be transferable to be used on social media outputs so I have had a look at Facebook cover photos as this will be the main focus.

I think the main points to think about are to keep any information away from the bottom left of the design as this is where the profile picture will go; the profile picture could even become part of the over all design? The main body of information will need be ket centrally or right aligned. Because of this, the logo will work best aligned top left.

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